Writing Upon Our Hearts

Writing Upon Our Hearts


The writing was the writing of God (Exodus 32:16).

Purpose of the Illustration

  1. To show that God writes upon the tables of our hearts messages of love, counsel and direction.

  2. To teach that if we are to receive guidance and messages written on our hearts we must keep a direct contact with God through prayer.


  1. A glass.

  2. A sheet of paper 4x5 inches or slightly larger.

  3. A sheet of bright metal. This may be obtained by cutting a tin can to the size you desire, or may be bought at any tin shop.

  4. Two dry cells.

  5. About three feet of ordinary copper wire.


  1. Strong solution of salt water—about two table-spoonfuls of salt to a cup.

  2. Phenolphthalein solution in alcohol.

Method of Procedure

  1. Fill the glass partially with the salt solution to which is added one teaspoon of the phenolphthalein solution. Be careful that the glass is not too full to take the paper later.

  2. Immerse the sheet of paper in the salt solution until it is thoroughly soaked.

  3. Spread this paper carefully on the sheet of bright metal. The brighter the metal the more successful will be this experiment in character writing.

  4. With the copper wire connect the two dry cells thus: (a) Run a short wire from the outside of one to the inside or center of the other, (b) Run a longer wire from the center of the first cell to the upper left hand corner of the metal, making the connection through a hole which you punch in the metal, (c) Connect a longer wire to the outside of the second cell.

  5. Take the free end of the last wire in your hand and use it as a pencil.

  6. Wherever this wire touches the paper it will leave a red mark.

  7. Proceed thus to write in as large letters as possible any word you may desire. Shorter words are better for your purpose—words like "God," "Love," "Bible," "Christ,"   "Here am I, send me," "Cross."

Chemical Reaction

The chemical reaction comes in the red mark which the wire makes upon the paper.

  1. Be careful not to spill the salt solution in the glass when you dip the paper into the water. Practice at home so that you know how much solution to put into the glass.

  2. If you are not careful, the sharp end of the writing wire will scratch and tear the paper loose from the metal. Practice will enable you to write with a sufficiently deft touch so that you do not tear this paper. Practice, also, will make your words and sentences legible. A small ball of solder on the tip of the writing wire will enable you to write more smoothly.

  3. Select the size of your metal sheet according to the size of the paper you wish to write upon.

  4. When you are writing hold the paper-covered metal so that the audience can see what you are doing.

  5. Begin your talk as soon as you set out your apparatus. It is well to talk about methods of writing and writing materials: stone, papyrus, sheepskin, quills, etc. You should also mention God's writing on the tables of stone, and the writing of the Bible. This clinches the truth as you set out the apparatus.

  6. Be sure your connections are all tight.

Many ways are used to send and relay messages from one person to another. Popular with spies are invisible inks, which are used to write a message between the lines of an ordinary letter. This secret message becomes readable only when the proper chemical substance, called the reagent, is used to bring it out. Some spies write messages in code on their own flesh. These messages can be developed at the proper time and place.

Eggs can be written upon with chemical substances, and the message becomes visible only when the egg is hard-boiled and the shell is removed.

God has written a message in the Bible—display an unusual Bible—and it is His letter to us. But I want to show you that He can also write upon our hearts messages He would have us receive today.

Display and mention each piece of the apparatus.

These dry cells represent God's power, and the wires represent the connection which may exist between us and God through prayer and a constant walk before Him in love.

I am going to write upon this metal by the use of the electricity in the cells—connect the cells—but this is possible only when I meet certain conditions. I must connect these wires in the proper manner—show the connections—and unless I do this there will be no writing. So it is when God wants to write a letter or message upon our hearts—we must be properly connected to Him by having our sins forgiven, and by living as He would have us live. If there are no connections through prayer, Bible study and Christian living, He will not place His messages upon our hearts.

This piece of metal represents our hearts. The wire, as I have already said, stands for our connections with God, who is the storehouse of power, and is represented by the dry cells. The Holy Spirit is the writing agent who transfers the divine messages to our hearts.

I am going to write on this metal—write your word slowly—and just as the metal receives the word I write, so our hearts may receive God's message when we meet the proper conditions.

This illustrates the way the Bible was written. God had a message for humanity and He used holy men of old who were inspired by the Holy Spirit to write as He directed. Thus He wrote the messages He would have the world read. The divine writing did not stop then, but goes on today. Each of us may receive divine guidance, through the Holy Spirit, and also comfort in times of trouble and the assurance that we are His children.

There are conditions to be met before we can contact God, just as there are conditions I must meet to write on this metal. Now watch the results—loosen a wire connection and try to write. There is no writing on the metal. Why? I have loosened a wire connection. In the same way loose connections break our contact with God. When He would give us a message, write it upon our hearts, we must have our connections with Him in proper order.

Prayer is the surest and most direct connection of a Christian's life to God. Prayer brings results. It supplies our needs and shows us how to proceed with certain undertakings which are under God's direction. If our prayer connections are weak, the messages received from God by the directive power of the Holy Spirit will likewise be feeble, and the divine voice will not be able to speak.

On this metal—hold up the writing so everyone may see it—I have written the word "Cross." You can see it, can you not? God has a way today by which He attracts the attention of the world to His messages. We are the divine epistles, "known and read of all men." We are the tables upon which God writes, and in many cases the only messages the sinner receives from God are the ones he sees written in the lives of Christians.

How well we receive God's messages, written in our lives, will determine how well the world will be able to read the messages of God. The Cross can be set up in our hearts by Christ enthroned within so that the world, on knowing us, will know what the Cross of Christ is.

Handwritings vary—write in fine script, then in bold—and every type indicates different characteristics. So it is with each life. Little children will receive from God different messages from those received by older folk. Nevertheless, children, God can write upon your hearts in the same way He writes upon the hearts of the minister, your Sunday school teacher or your parents. You remember how God spoke to the child Samuel and how he delivered the divine message. So you must live each day where God can speak to you, or write His messages upon your heart. In Bible days many children were used by Him. David was a small boy when God used him to kill the giant and thus free His people. Because you are a child is no reason why God may not use you today to become His living message.

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