Writing on the Inside of Eggs

Writing on the Inside of Eggs


A new heart also will I give you, and a new spirit will I put within you . . . and cause you to walk in my statutes  (Ezekiel 36:26-27).

Purpose of the Illustration

  1. To show how Christ can put messages upon the hearts of His children.

  2. To indicate how He can change the heart and give it a living message.

  3. To show how Christ can give us new hearts.


  1. Several fresh eggs, according to the number of messages you wish to write, or objects you wish to draw.

  2. A bottle to contain your writing fluid.

  3. A pen or stubby instrument with which to write or draw.

  4. Some means by which you can boil the eggs before the audience. This may be an electric stove or canned heat. The experiment is more effective if the audience can see it in its entirety. Hence you should boil the eggs before them.


  1. A half pint of vinegar.

  2. An ounce of alum.

Method of Procedure

  1. Dissolve the alum in the vinegar, which is your writing fluid.

  2. Select only fresh and not storage eggs on which to write the various messages, or draw objects, such as a heart, a book, etc. Write such words as God Is Love, Jesus Saves, Salvation by Faith, The Cleansing Blood, Bible, and short Bible verses. Then there may be occasions when you will wish to slant this message toward sinners, and write words such as Cigarettes, Beer, Dance, etc., and draw pictures to suit those words.

  3. With the writing fluid you have prepared write on each egg in view of the audience. It is well to cover the egg with writing. Make the writing as legible as possible.

  4. Boil the eggs fifteen minutes.

  5. Remove the shells and hold the eggs so that the audience can see them. You may wish to pass the eggs around on a platter, or call several young people or children from the audience to read the messages which appear on the boiled eggs.

Chemical Reactions

  1. The writing is invisible on the outside of the

  2. Boiling transfers the messages to the inner surface of the hard-boiled egg, where it is visible.

Cautions and Representations

  1. Do not smear your letters. To do so means a blurred message. Practice the experiment at home until you learn just how to use the solution so it will not run. Be sure that your writing solution is thoroughly dried on the eggs before boiling them.

  2. The egg represents a life or a heart which Christ can change and write His living messages upon.

  3. These messages may be invisible to others, but they are living and flaming within the heart of the converted person.

Russia used this trick to get messages out of forbidden sections during the early days of the revolution. Soviet agents took fresh eggs, wrote the messages which they wished to send upon the eggs, and then shipped them in crates out of the country to the central agent. "When boiled the eggs revealed the secret messages. Often this was done in code, so if the trick was exposed, the messages were unintelligible to those who exposed them.

Christ has a message which He wants to write upon our hearts. Salvation is primarily a change of heart, and this change brings the written statutes of Christ upon the heart. He places His messages invisibly upon the inner nature, and while others may not be able to see or read or understand them, they are a living force in the life of the Christian.

Since it takes fifteen minutes to boil the eggs you should begin the experiment as soon as you start to talk. On these eggs I am writing an invisible message. As you write the messages call somebody from the audience to inspect the eggs to see if there is any evidence of your writing. There is nothing on the surface of the eggs, is there? Apparently they are ordinary eggs, some brown, some white, some double-yolked (if you are lucky enough to find one!), some large, some small.

When Christ comes in He writes a message upon the heart. Salvation is a heart-experience, and while it cleans up the outer life it works this marvelous change by altering the inner nature. When Christ converts us, He writes His statutes upon our hearts and puts a new spirit within us through the forgiveness of our sins. Only forgiven people, cleansed by the blood of Jesus Christ, have this experience.

Remove the shells from the egg and read the messages. Here are the results of my writing upon the eggs. This represents the way Christ through the Holy Spirit writes messages upon the hearts of His children.

The messages are plainly evident. How did they get there? I wrote them on the outside, but they developed on the inside. So it is that Christ, when He has given us a new heart through the cleansing of His precious blood, writes on the heart living messages that will cause us to walk in His statutes, and then we "shall keep (His)  judgments, and do them."

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