Children Story Sermons

Children Story Sermons

A broken organ and a lovely song
A crumbling castle and a wasted life

A little brown man who freed his nation

A minister who invented basketball

A new year and a clean slate
pot of gold in an old field
Are the great heroes all dead

Are you afraid to fall down

Big leaguer Jackie Robinson

Dare to be different

Do not despise the tittle things

Don't be afraid to ask questions

Don't let God down

God has a purpose for you and me

God is busy in the winter too

God loves even his ugly creatures

God's guideline on the highway of life

God's plan and the cocklebur seed

How dirty-looking bread mold may save your life

How God makes his wild creatures well

How not to be defeated by a horsefly

Invisible things are the strongest
aking your weak points your strong points
Men with no money who left us great riches

Science—man's peephole into God's workshop

Step into the magic world of books

The greatest worker makes the least noise

The little pond that got fresh

The magic mirror

The mightiest army in the world

The power of one person

The two little grains of wheat

The unknown man on a winning team

Toyohiko Kagawa

What are good manners good for

What can I do for you

What does it cost to be a christian

What will you be when you grow up

Who killed Cock Robin

Who rang the bell for Dick Whittington

Why should we tell about Jesus

You can begin again

Junior Sermon Stories

A feud
A happy anniversary
A pilot in the fog
Barefoot Jerry
Climbing the ladder

Dr. Carpenter is upstairs
Elmer and Francis
Hitting the target

Judge Brown

Neglected farms
Riding a donkey into Jerusalem
Sewing without thread
Signs for tourists

Straight plowing

The bicycle that was too big

The bitterling and the mussel
The boat race
The climbing vine
The clogged viaduct
The drifting logs

The engine without steam

The essay contest

The five thousand dollar violin
The good fairy of the woods
The house in which we live
The lamp and the lantern
The lion, the eagle, the sun, and the cross
The lost sailboat
The loyal dog
The meeting of the trees
The moving bridge
The quarreling tools
The shepherd boy hans

The three sons
The tilted clock
The trapped fishermen
The two flags
The two trees
The unhappy flower
The valley of echoes

53 Story Sermons

A baseball flop
A great explorer prays
A hymn of praise
A little prayer of my own
A modern prodigal son
A selfish gull
A story of gratitude for simple needs
Beware of the Jiffies
Dan and Zeke

Don't be ashamed to pray

Dull days can be fun
Follow the leader
Give something
Grace in the diner
How do you say your prayers
How one man saved a church
Jerry finds his neighbors

Master Jack

Patience and the padlock
Poor loser

Pretzels for prayers

Raspberry jam

Remember the offering

Rocket and Jim, pals

Seasick ashore

Six little mice in a piano
Socks for the president
Soft words turn away wrath
Susan's blood transfusion

The adventures of a smile

The all by myself alone cake

The circuit rider

The college boy and the musician
The courtesy of a kind heart
The fifth commandment
The fireman's brother
The forget-me-not

The legend of the human pyramid

The legend of the queen

The little imps

The most fun isn't money

The music of a little blind girl

The preacher who played blind man
The quarrel of the pin family
The rain is God's gift
The runaway engine
The sidewalk lavender preacher
The silent bell speaks
The story of Johnny Robin

The unwilling steward

Who thanks best

Why the workmen worked

More Stories that Inspire

Are American youth soft
Autumn leaves and elderly people
Be yourself
Climbing a mountain and living a life
Digging foundations for large buildings
Doing what comes naturally
Don't be afraid to daydream

Don't be afraid to strike out

Don't be ashamed of your finer feelings

Don't sell yourself cheaply

Don't take it personally
For girls only
Giving others the credit

God erases our mistakes
God, the great designer
God's window
Good christians do get angry
House plans and life plans

How God answers prayer

How much does God love us

How you play the game

How your habits grow

Is God scientific

It's easy to destroy but hard to build
Keep on trying
Keeping your life pointed to God

Lessons from the milkweed
Let God shine through your life
New frontiers to conquer
On sticking your neck out
Our good, better, and best
Our most wonderful tool

Overcoming your weak points
Paying off your debts
Somebody important is thinking about you
Stepping ahead of the crowd
That amazing calculator under your hat

The earth's oldest chemical

The element you can't live without
The little acorn
The man who could see only money
The secret of having friends
The world's most intricate machine
Walking in the other man's shoes
Which is stronger
Who are your heroes
Why a mountain stream is beautiful
Why protestants believe in religious liberty

You can't get something for nothing

Your money isn't yours

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