Object Lessons

Object Illustrations

Analyzing Oneself
Best Things in Life
Carrying God's Message
Character Study

Choosing the Right
Christian Zeal
Christ's Influence
Christ's Leadership
Christ's Power to Save

Control of Self
Control of Temper

Cesire to Know God

Eager Workers
Faith Keeping Us Alert
Faithfully Working
Finding God
Friendly Helpers
Giving Up Bad Habits
God Helps Us Live
God's Care

Good Measure for God

Helpfulness for God
Helping Others to God

How to See Jesus

Importance of Christ
Importance of God's House
Importance of Small Things
Keeping at Your Task
Keeping Fit for God's Word
Keeping Happy
Keeping Pleasant
Living for God
Living Up to Ideals
Making Life Attractive
Meeting Tests
Nearness to God

Need of God
Pointing to God
Protection with Christ
Reaching God
Ready for Service
Reflecting Your Life
Revealing Christ
Right Outlook
Sacrifice for God
Saving Power of Jesus
Seeing God Clearly
Service for God

Shining for Christ
Showing God to Others
Speaking for Christ
Strength Against Temptation

Telling of Christ
The Need for Loyalty
The Power of God
The Triune God
Training for God's Service
True Greatness
Tying to Christ

Welcoming God

Working Cheerfully

Working for God

Objects that Talk and Teach

A Christmas Star
Beautiful Feet

Beautiful Hands

Behold the Lamb of God

Bread Series

Can the Lord Depend on You
Christmas Candles
Consider the Lilies

Curving light with Lucite

Death and Resurrection


Fishers of Men

Four Cups
God's Word in Your Heart

Gold Fish or Frogs
How God Speaks
Jesus Bids Us Shine
Let Jesus In
Life in the Son
Living Water
Marks of a Babe in Christ

Musical Brushes or Curry Combs
My Cup Runneth Over
Pleasures of Sin
Power of a Habit
Salt of the Earth

Satan's Counterfeit

Secret of Success
Send Out the Light
Story of the Fountain Pen
The Blood Covers
The Book Without Words

The Christian Armor

The Doll Preachers
The Easter Egg
The Gyroscope

The Homing Pigeon

The Kite that Wanted to Be Free
The Lord's Portion
The Magnet and the Nail Family

The Power of the Cross

The Prodigal Son
The Singing Heart
Though Your Sins Be a Scarlet
Three Clocks
Three Qualities
Two Hats

Wheat and Chaff

Why Some Folks Are Blest

Sights Sermons

A Blank Book
A Compass and a Christian
A Door and More
A Heart Made Whole
A Lost Star

A Man, a Maid, and a Miracle
A Mysterious Letter
A Mysterious Package
A Pattern and a Prayer
A Spring and a King
A Surprise Package
Bill Drill
Built Up or Puffed Up

Buying Bread

Casket or Crown
Cheerful or Tearful
Confess and Possess
Confession and Cleansing
Correct, Caught, Cleansed

Counting for Christ
Decisions and Destinies
Door and Bar
Ears that Hear
Faith Fills
Falling or Flourishing
Fingers and Faith
Forgives and Forgets

Girdling the Globe

Growing a Garden

Hammer and Hearts

Heavenly Bottles

Helping or Hindering
How Saul Became Paul
I. O. U.

It's Well to Tell

Keeping to the Course
Lad and Dad
Light for the Night
Listen in and Speak Out
Max and Mike

Nails and Nations
Not Guilty
Pens and People

People and Paper

Praying for a Prisoner

Preaching in Prison

Preserving a Picture

Pure Gold

Rainbow Wheels

Reading Between the Lines

Ringing True

Saving from Sin

Sinful Circles
Slim and Fat
Stolen Fruit
Stop, Look, and Listen
Sweet and Sinful

Sweet Hearts


The Can Cousins

The Cork Family

The Pleasures of the World

The Sack Sisters

The Way Up
Three in One
Time Tests and Tells
Tools that Teach

Toys that Teach

Tried and True

Two Buildings and Two Baskets

Two "E's" and Two Eternities

Two in One
"U" Made New
Work or War

Yearning and Learning

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